How To Create A Website: Easily, Quickly & On Budget

A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Getting Your New Website Up and Running

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This a a summary of the above video tutorial. These instructions are written out so that you can go at your own pace. This tutorial runs around 25 minutes  and depending on your learning style you may either want to follow along with the video or read the text. Before you begin, make a list of all of the potential website names you would want to search for. In order to have a website address, you have to register a domain name. Once you begin the process, you’ll have an opportunity to check to see if the name you want for your website is available.

In some instances, I’ve added a little extra information below in order to keep the video tutorial shorter. Here it goes….Good Luck!

  1. Okay, so when you have a website you have to find a home. It’s kind of like renting space out on the web. You get a specific web address and the hosting company you chose stores your files. It’s a way that your files are connected to the internet for the world to see. I use several hosting companies for my websites but the one I started off with and is reasonably priced is Bluehost.
  2. Below the video you’ll see a blue graphic with a green button that says “go now.” This will take you directly to Bluehost to get your website set up. Please note, in full transparency, Bluehost is trusted affiliate and I will earn a small fee for the referral. However, this will not affect your price in any way.  If you decide to signup here, Bluehost will open up in a new window. You’ll be able to  click back in between tabs.
  3. When you click, you’ll see a selection of hosting plans. Click on the cheapest, which is 3.95 cents per month. This will host only 1 website so if you want to put up multiple websites, you will chose one of the other plans. Just FYI, you’re not going to be charged anything just yet so don’t think that when you start get started now that means your committing. You don’t pay until you put your billing information in.
  4. Once you click the plan, you’ll see a page that has an option, “help me get my free domain.” The domain is going to be the name of your website. This is were you will begin to type in the name you want to see if it’s available. The default setting is a .com which most websites will use. If you use the drop down you’ll see you have an option of checking for .net, .org etc. I’ll keep it to .com because it’s a business and the most recognizable.
  5. Lets say I wanted to start a website on health and fitness and I wanted to call it, “ Once I put that and click next, it will take me to a page that says, “ sorry it’s not available.” That’s okay because we’ll just try another one. Okay, great. I found one that is available You should try to find a name that is short, memorable and catchy for branding purposes. Normally I wouldn’t choose a name that is that long but since the health and fitness industry is so saturated, most great names are already taken.
  6. Once you find a name that’s available, you’re ready to sign up. This is where you’ll put your billing information. Scroll down and read the fine print. Some of these extras are by default checked off and they charge you extra for it. You can choose the leave them but if you’re just beginning, you may not need them. Just click the “more information” so you can be sure if it’s something you want. Change the account plan to starter 12 month if you’re like or if you want it longer, change it to what you like.
  7. I’m going to fill mine in off screen. Once you click next, it’ll take you to an upgrade page, which is optional. As a beginner, you may not need these just yet so scroll all the way down and click on complete.
  8. Once you put your credit card information, click the box that you agree to the terms of service and click next. you’ll go this this page that will take you to yet more upgrades you don’t need just yet. At the very bottom, click that you want to pass on the upgrades. This will take you to a “Welcome to Bluehost Congratulations” page. You’re going to get an email with all of your hosting information on it. Make sure you safeguard that email.
  9. On this welcome page, you’ll create a password you’ll need to log into your hosting. On the next page you’ll see a box with your userame (which should be your domain name) and a box for your password. You’ll plug in the password here and hit submit. You’ll get hit with another upgrade. Click out of that. You’ll get you’re hosting control panel.
  10. Once you’re at the control panel, you’ll see a box that has the options you’ll want to use to set up your website. You’ll choose “Install WordPress” in the “Website” box. This will take you to this page that says “Do it yourself for free.” Bluehost offers the option of paying to have WordPress installed for you but you can do it yourself easily.
  11. You’ll hit install and on the next page you’ll see a box with your website name in it. Disregard the box next to it that says “directory.” Since you’re a beginner, you won’t need this for now. Below it, you’ll see a small box with “Advanced Options.” Check off that box. You’ll see some defaulted text. Delete that and type in your website name, a username and a password. This is different from the previous password you came up with. This username and password will allow you access to the back end of your new website.
  12. Don’t use admin for your username. its too easy to hack into. Use letters and characters for your password.
  13. It will take you to installation preferences. Here, you can give your new site a name. call it Love Fit Healthy. Put in a good username and password. This is a very important step because you don’t want hackers trying to guess your username and password. Don’t use admin as it is widely used and easy for hackers to guess.
  14. Once your done, you hit “install now” It will install and when it’s done, you can go to your web browser and type in your website name and your new website should pop up. But don’t do that just yet.
  15. On the next page, you’ll get another pop up. You’ll click out of that. Click on the blue bar “My installs.” This will take you to a page with a link to your new website. Click the box that says “Admin Login.” Put the username and password you created for your website here. Please note, this is different from the login information you formulated for your hosting account.
  16. Once you put in your credentials, you’re going to log in and go into your dashboard. This is the back end of your website where you’ll be doing all of the work so that it looks cool in the front end for your visitors.
  17. Once you’re in, you’ll see a whole bunch of options on the left hand side. Hove over “Appearance” and then hit “Themes.” Right now you’re website has a standard and bland look to it. Here, you can change the design of your website with one click.
  18. A theme is like a skin to your website that adds design and presentation. Here you’ll take a look at what you like and install it with one click.
  19. In order to install a theme, click activate and automatically changes your theme. While you’re in “themes,” look for a tab on the top of that says “ Themes.” Look at your options and hit “Install” and then “Activate.” This will activate that theme for your website.
  20. Now for the final reveal, go on the uper left hand side of your dashboard. You’ll see the name of your website on the black bar up top. Hover over your website name and click, “Visit Site.”
  21. There, you should see your very own website….Congrats!

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