The great potential of Nigeria to boost up the world economy

This beautifully blessed nation with immensity of resources; Nigeria is contributing a lot and playing major role in the global economy system.

The oil-rich Nigerian economy keeps on enhancing the financial management structure of not only Africa but also playing major role in augmenting the global economy system. Being the largest oil producer in Africa, it is getting almost 90% of the export revenues of country and has strengthened its financial system for many and many years. This major aspect of the country keeps the attention of the whole world towards it which results in great number of cheap flights tickets to Nigeria. A huge category of business men and industrialists are frequently visiting the country. Bordered by Niger, Chad, Benin and Cameroon, Nigeria is involved in international trading with neighboring countries and many others in the whole world.

A huge quantity of air tickets for flights to Nigeria is available whether you want to travel to any metropolis of Nigeria. Port Harcourt is the eminent harbor of Nigeria which is occupied in trading and shipping of goods and resources from Nigeria and earning a lot of revenue by its exports. The major exports of Nigeria are gas, petroleum and petroleum products, coal etc and also rich in zinc, tin, and some uranium products as well. Agriculture inhabits entirely half of the populace, who grow sorghum, maize, rice, millet, cassava, and in addition to all these palm oil, cocoa, groundnuts, and rubber as money yields.

The major business and economic hub, Nigeria is tending thousands of business personnel to get cheap tickets to Nigeria and participate in earning lot of profit there. According to the United Nations taxonomy, Nigeria is a middle-income country with built up and modern economic, communication and transport divisions and also hold the second biggest stock exchange in the Africa. Textile, pharmaceutical, paper and cement industries are also earning making great profits for country. Current financial presentation has been resolute primarily by the top notch oil market. The country is showing great development in the GDP growth rate until the recent recession, which is clearly visible by the deregulation of fuel charges by government as it is going more toward open market and more than four oil factories have been privatized and resulting in more manufacturing of oil. Petroleum industry in Nigeria is indispensable to the Nigerian financial contour.
Nigeria turns out the type of unrefined oil signified as bonny light which is the best natural oil in the whole world because of its ability to be purified quite easily as it has very low quantity of sulfur in it. This aspect pulls a lot of purchaser of oil and petroleum from the entire world who gets cheap flights to Nigeria and visit the country.


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