Nigeria on the path to greatness

Politically the ruling party, All Peoples Congress has not always been on my good side, while the ruling President I don’t think is my favorite. For the form of government let fools contest, who best governed is the best, so they say. Yes in our great country after 16 years of government under the rulership of the party I am passionately inclined Peoples Democratic party during which the nation learned how to operate Democratic system of government having experienced decades of militiocracy. In 2015, the present ruling party came on board under the leadership of Muhammad Buhari, whose leadership style seems to be autocratic, yes autocratic but yielding massive results in the favour of the greater Nigerians. 

Buhari came into power when Nigeria was nearly broke as prices of crude oil the major source of Nigerian revenue crashed down and this put the All Progressive Congress party to a near shame based on their party manifesto and promises during their electioneering campaign during which they promised free foods, free salaries, free marriage and many more goodies. Some months after coming into power, the APC as a party was changed to All Promises cancelled as the party cannot even meet up with rendering of basic government services up to the standard it used to be under the previous administration or government they promised to outperformed. Salaries become unpaid and if paid it is always delayed, prices of food items soared up as never before, dollars out of reach of the importers, government policies that seems so harsh, manhunt for the corrupt individuals of the opposition party members, recovery of stashed cash in dollars, Euro, pounds Sterling, naira and every kinds of denominations without owner in homes, farmstead, soakaway etc. 

The nation was almost grounded if not grounded not until some few weeks ago when we heard a good story for the first time since 2015 from the finance minister, Kemi Adeosun that Nigeria is out of recession. Many doubted her and she was even summoned to the legislative floor for queries where she smartly explained how and what she meant by such seemingly surprised statement. 

Truly, Nigeria is out of recession as prices of items though not all that coming down are no more jerking up and authoritatively with my own personal findings prices of food items are drastically coming down for two consecutive months. Our military men are winning the battle against the boko haram, while the operations of other security agents in other parts of Nigeria are also on the positive side.

At this juncture now I better understand the fact that old age in rulership is nothing but blessings as to the way President Muhammad Buhari handled the run away Nnandi KANdawn. (IPOD). Other leaders would have ordered for the total eradication of KANU and his cohorts but Buhari I believe through advice handled this sensitive case without war or much conflict. 

We Nigerians expect more from the present government, while I say Well done to the president. I on this occasion say a big congratulations to all Nigerians for the new  and great dawn. God bless Nigeria

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